Choosing the Right Way

The Easter school holidays in Malawi is a great opportunity to gather children together for a whole week of fun and games – and most importantly Bible teaching. That’s why the CFCM Easter 5-Day Club is always an important part of the annual programme. This year’s event took place in Salima, and the theme was “Choosing the right way”.

Over the week the children heard the stories of Daniel and his friends, as well as Deborah, Esther and Peter. These Bible characters chose the right way when put into difficult situations, so there were important lessons for the children to learn. They also learnt Scripture verses each day to help them remember the lesson. There was a missionary story running through the week, as well as lots of singing and participation by the children.

The children received the first book in a series of lessons by The Mailbox Club which is available in the Chichewa language. The team worked through the book with the children. Each child was able to take their copy home, and thus the Gospel message was getting into every household represented.

On the final day of the Easter club, 60 children decided to choose the right way – they committed their lives to the Lord. Our prayer is that they will continue to walk with Him and be well taught from the Scripture by their Sunday school teachers.

To that end, CFCM also carried out Sunday school teacher training at Salima at the start of the week. 51 Sunday school teachers representing 21 different churches, received Level 1 and 2 training on the first two days of the week, and attended the Bible club to see the CFCM team in action, and see Gospel-centred age-appropriate Bible teaching being done in an effective way. One of the teachers, Godfrey, who came to the Bible club every single day was motivated and committed to keep running a regular Bible club in that place to build on the work that has been started. Please pray for this dedicated young man, that others will come alongside to support and help him, and that the children will keep attending.

We thank God for the tireless work of our team over the Easter week. Elevate and Joseph were accompanied and supported by one of the CFCM volunteer trainers from Phalombe, Michael Namalenga. Michael described the week-long experience as “a wonderful journey” in which he grew as a trainer and a Bible club leader, but also learnt about organising a seminar. “I have gained the skill of coordination among leaders, eg pastors. And I have been made aware that reporting is very important. Above all, I am thankful to God for every child in Salima who has chosen to follow the right way.”

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