CFCM Bible Club Survey

CFCM’s motto is “Reaching the children of Malawi with the Gospel”.  In Malawi 43% of the population is aged 14 and under, and many of them are not hearing the Gospel.  So the task of reaching them is huge. All Sunday school teachers who attend CFCM training seminars are encouraged to establish Bible clubs in schools and communities so that children who don’t go to Sunday school have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. We know that many of the teachers take up this challenge, because some of them keep in touch with the CFCM team and send reports of their work. From their reports we estimate that at least 7000 children hear the Gospel each week at CFCM Bible clubs, and countless more at Sunday school.

This work is going on in every region of Malawi. In the Southern Region, in and around Blantyre, the CFCM staff team run 5 Bible clubs, involving almost 1,000 children each week.  This includes 2 clubs at Aquaid Lifeline centres, and the rest are in schools.  Students of the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi help to run another 4 Bible clubs during termtime, for over 500 children. 9 Bible clubs running in the Tchoda/Chiradzulu area, where around 680 children are hearing the Gospel each week.  And CFCM trainers in Phalombe report that there are 7 clubs running there, reaching around 500 children. In the Muslim area of Chikweu/Machinga, CFCM trainer Dula Linje runs 3 clubs for around 360 children.

We expect to see the number of Bible clubs in the Central Region grow over the next year, because of CFCM’s recent focus on seminars in this area. So far in 2022 CFCM has carried out training in Salima, Dowa and Mponela . CFCM trainers Simeon Senifala and Yamikani Saka did a great work setting up Bible clubs in schools in the Mchinji area.  Over a year ago Simeon moved to live in Dowa.  While Yamikani continues the work in Mchinji, Simeon has started growing a new work in Dowa and Mponela, where he has already established 15 CFCM Bible clubs reaching over 650 children each week. 

In the Northern Region, in Rumphi there are 5 CFCM Bible clubs, including one at Chandamale Primary school where over 1000 children attend every week. Not far away, in Ruhona where CFCM ran a 5-day club in 2021, Blessings Kachale oversees 3 CFCM Bible clubs that reach 670 children each week.  485 children regularly attend the 3 clubs in Mzimba, and the 2 in Karonga reach over 200 children.  The newest CFCM Bible club in the north is in Chitipa where CFCM ran training a few months ago, and 60 children are regularly attending there.  6 CFCM Bible clubs in Nkhata Bay run by trainers Samson Kapangalika and Charity Chirwa involve 247 children.

You will be able to find most of the places on this map. Praise God for the 63 CFCM Bible clubs and the 6785 children across the nation hearing the Gospel each week.

Some of these Bible clubs have now been running for many years, a sign of the enthusiasm and commitment of those who are running them.  Even though the leaders lack resources, materials or equipment, the children still keep coming to hear God’s Word.

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