Staff profiles

The full-time team consists of Elevate Mizinga (one of the founders of CFCM) and Joseph Jeke. Their unparalleled passion for winning children for Christ and their mix of skills and interests drive this small mission.

Elevate’s story

From an early age Elevate’s desire was to work with children, and in particular to teach them the Word of God. Whilst at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM), Elevate and a few others became burdened by the need for Sunday school teachers to be properly trained. Trained by CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) in Blantyre, these students started spending every weekend training others. CFCM was born of this desire to reach children with the Gospel by properly equipping those entrusted with teaching them.

Elevate received more extensive training at CEF’s international training centre in South Africa to fully prepare her for her role in Children for Christ Ministry.
She has been the team leader of Children for Christ Ministry since 2016.
In 2006 Elevate married Chikondi, and they have two children, Chikondi and Lita.

Joseph’s Story

As a young man Joseph made a personal commitment to Christ and immediately started to witness to his peers and started a youth ministry. Later, while working as a gateman and gardener for a Canadian missionary in Blantyre, he became involved with the youth group at the mission station and helped initiate a children’s club. Seeing his obvious gifting and enthusiasm, the missionary encouraged Joseph to get proper training in children’s ministry. He went to South Africa to do intensive training with CEF, and on returning to Malawi went into full-time children’s ministry.

Joseph joined Children for Christ Ministry in 2012. He is married to Mary and they have three children – Chisomo, Esther and Melyna.
Joseph has a great desire to help the most vulnerable children in Malawian society, in particular the street-children. He is CFCM’s Child Protection Officer and wants to get a qualification in social work and broaden the reach of CFCM’s safeguarding training.

Volunteer Network

Elevate and Joseph direct the team of volunteer trainers nationwide. These men and women represent many different church denominations where they are actively involved in Sunday school and teacher training. Each one has completed CFCM’s 3-module training course and has shown their commitment to children’s ministry by setting up Bible clubs in their community. Their communication skills have led them to be invited to attend CFCM’s Training of Trainers Course, which they have all completed and been assessed as trainers.

Some of CFCM’s volunteer trainers are pastors, some are schoolteachers, some work with children in their day jobs, and others are unemployed or still at school themselves. Some of them are developing their own network of teachers to train within their churches. They willingly make themselves available to help with CFCM seminars in their area, allowing the staff team to split up and cover more ground.