Present Ministry

CFCM is reaching the children of Malawi with the Gospel through:

Equipping Sunday school teachers to present the Gospel in age-appropriate ways through a 3-level training programme. This aims to meet the needs of teachers who have never experienced good Sunday school teaching.

Establishing Bible clubs in schools and communities to reach unchurched children and children of other faiths.
Every Sunday school teacher who has completed the 3-level CFCM training course is encouraged to set up a Bible club in their community.

Organizing special activities and events for children such as holiday clubs, hospital visits and visiting child-headed families. The annual Easter 5-day club gives a great boost to the local Bible club.

Offering affordable teaching materials and visual aids in local languages and providing subsidized Bibles.
Many Sunday school teachers do not have a Bible.

Providing ongoing support and encouragement to those who are running Sunday schools and Bible clubs, providing materials and sports equipment as funds allow.

Inspiring and training future pastors in children’s ministry while they are at Bible college, to help raise the priority of children’s work across the church in Malawi.

Training staff and house-parents in orphanages to care for the spiritual lives of the children in their care, as well as being alert and supportive to those who have suffered abuse.

Reaching rural areas where other training organisations do not go. CFCM has over 20 volunteer trainers nationwide, some of whom can train in local languages.

Promoting child protection and safeguarding, a topic not widely discussed in Malawi despite the large proportion of vulnerable children and widespread child abuse.

Meeting the physical needs of CFCM volunteers or children from CFCM Bible clubs in times of difficulty, eg. blankets for flood and cyclone victims; school fees and uniform for child-headed families.